Exploring the ancient past and living cultures of the Aegean

Several years ago our family toured Turkey with Sevil for a week.  We had a wonderful trip.  Sevil had our trip planned carefully and to our directions, but she was also most willing to adapt to our desires and interests once we were in country.  Her knowledge of the history and art of Turkey is impressive and she is a good teacher.  Clearly, she loves what she does and is very good at it.  I highly recommend Sevil and would never consider another tour guide in Turkey. Philip Dutton


2 thoughts on “Exploring the ancient past and living cultures of the Aegean

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  1. My family also toured with Sevil a few years ago and she did an excellent job. Her wide-ranging knowledge and enthusiasm make every outing enjoyable. I wanted to see a number of ancient sites as research for a book I am working on, and she helped me so much. She makes the whole trip easy and relaxing. I have recommended her any time I hear of someone traveling to Turkey. For ease and depth of knowledge as well as her pleasant and charming personality, you certainly can’t find a better guide. Judy Starkston

  2. My wife and I were guided around central Turkey by Sevil several years ago. We had an unbelievably wonderful time. Because of her great personality we were able to interact with many local people on a very personal and fun level. My wife and I both have post graduate degrees. Sevil’s knowledge made the trip exciting for both of us. We sent other friends to travel with her, and they reported back on also having a wonderful time. I can’t imagine a better guide. Art Poland

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