An ancient New Year Festival in Anatolia

The Hittite Rock Sanctuary of Yazılıkaya served as a place for the celebration of the arrival of the Hittite New Year each spring

The rock sanctuary of Yazılıkaya ( = rock with writing) lies nestled between rock outcroppings at the foot of the high ridge east of Hattusha. In contrast to the temples within the city, the two rooms of this sanctuary, hemmed in by natural rock faces up to 12 m high, lie open to the skies. Although the site has been in use since the 15th century BC at least, not until the 13th century did the long procession of gods and goddesses take their place here, chiseled onto the rock faces by Hittite sculptors.

It  represents the “House of the New Year’s Celebration,” a House of the Weather God where festivities were held to honor all the pantheon at the coming of the New Year and the beginning of spring.

If you want to read an article about the Hittite Queens, please click below:


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