From Byzantium to Ephesus in five days

From Byzantium to Ephesus in five days

Sevil ! Simply, The Best!

My husband and I have toured the world and have hired guides for most of our journeys. Sevil has been one of the best. Highly educated, informative, flexible and accommodating, warm and friendly, Sevil made our touring of Istanbul and Ephesus magical, easy and utterly fun. Her recommendations to restaurants were perfect. One of the most memorable restaurants that I have eaten in, in the world, was her recommendation! Going into villages and driving through unfamiliar areas, Sevil was organized and efficient and we never worried for our safety. From hotel, to restaurants, to tourist sites, to off-beat sites, to taking us to places that only a Turkish citizen would be familiar with, all were outstanding and made our trip to Turkey memorable and unforgettable. Sevil was a delight. We learned so much from her. There is no greater guide that I could recommend than Sevil.

Hallie Lerman    November 2011


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