Arnavutkoy, an authentic Bosphorus neighborhood

Arnavutköy (arna-vut-kėuy), the Albanian Village

This charming neighbourhood is located  on the European side of the Bosphorus. At one time she was called as Anapolis and Estias. Her name  “Albanian” comes from the group of Albanians settled  during the early Ottoman period, and the Greeks used to call her as Michaelion “the city of angels”  owing its name to the church of St. Michael  built by Constantine, and as Megalou Reumatos “the grand flow” because of the fast currents  hitting her cape. Beyond the cape once stood a sheltered  bay for the ships and a sanctuary dedicated to Hestia, the goddess of the hearth, and another one to Medeia, the grand-daughter of Helios and wife of Iason of the Arganauts. Among her historical buildings, you can explore the Robert College, Tefvikiye mosque, Taksiarhis church, wooden mansions, and beautiful  yalıs which were separated from the seaside by the current asfalt road. Standing by the cape where the light house is located , you  observe the vivacious currents like a river flowing, and opening your arms towards the water you feel like a piking seagull over bosphorus. Strolling through her streets, you can hear the old people longing for the perfumed strawberries, instead  you start smelling the fresh grilled fish. Then, suddenly you find yourself in one of her cafes drawning you to taste more of her  lovely atmosphere.


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  1. Is this the area Abdullah, you and I had coffee and tea? What a lovely evening that was….still in my heart

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