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Hittite Spring Equinox: Purulli Festival

“Let the land prosper and thrive, and let the land be protected”…..from the myth of the Illuyanka. Spring equinox was  celebrated as a fertility ritual  in the Land of the Hatti.  The celebration of these rites were reflected on some rock … Continue reading

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Looking into the lives of Anatolian women: Judith Starkston, a historical novelist and researcher

Judith  Starkston Judith Starkston as an historical novelist and researcher hands one a telescope to peer back into Anatolia’s past. In her novel, Hand of Fire, she tells about Trojan Women and their roles in Ancient Anatolia and Mycenean Greece, … Continue reading

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Yasar Kemal: the hero of Turkish literature

All my life, my only dream was to write a little bit more, a little bit better.                                                                                                                                 Yasar Kemal Acclaimed as one of the greatest   writers in Turkish,  has died in Istanbul  aged 92. He was the first Turkish … Continue reading

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