Cunda-Moshonisia (Alibey) island

cunda denizdenCunda is one of the 23 islands of Ayvalık town lies on the Aegean coast of Turkey opposite the Greek island Lesbos. Once you come to Ayvalık town, you drive by the sea shore and than pass a bridge to reach the island of Cunda. The old windmills being on the top of the hilly area of the island seem to welcome you with their roofing look like Chinese hats (canonical hats!). After you leave the windmills behind and drive down the road on the left, you reach her harbour. The streets that you pass by have some of the most beautiful stone houses, ornated with colourful flowers and wooden doors. You can feel the breeze of their sweet fragrances, and understand the reason why the local Greeks used to call it as “Moshonisia, the island bearing beautiful odor”. You immediately promise yourself to stay here at least one night. Her mystical history and beauty draw you to learn more and you tell yourself that “you can not miss the opportunity of this desire”. First, you taste a cup of Turkish coffee at one of the cafes by the harbour and start watching the fishermen making their preparations for the next day.

You keep sitting by the shore and watch the scenery of the small islands’ lie side by side. You do not realize how the time passes by. Then, you begin strolling through her streets. Every house has its own story to tell, but you keep walking passing each one in silence. Your steps brings you to an old church called “Taksiyarhis”, one of the reminders of the past. It is a restored church changed into a museum with remarkable frescoes. One of the frescoes attracts your attention immediately. It depicts the Cross with a North Star lying beneath the Heaven and above the Earth .

You try to remember if you have seen a similar depiction in one of the churches of old Constantinople in Istanbul or in another place in Turkey. Having this question in mind, you finish the day with an amazing sunset at the harbour of Cunda.

sevİl cunda 2

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  1. Sevil, Nice seeing the great photos and articles about Turkey. We are always talking about our tour that we took with you many years ago… and these are great reminders. Hope all is well. Linda and Bob Kramer 

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