“Stone Age Questions raised by Göbeklitepe site” by Judith Starkston


      Judith Starkston at Tilmen Höyük (tell/mound) in southeastern Turkey

When Judith Starkston read my recent post on Göbeklitepe and watched its documentary on National Geographic Channel, she beautifully summed up the whole information and wrote a post on her blog.  If you would like to read more about Göbeklitepe you can look at her web page down below. She is a historical fiction writer. Her first novel called “Hand of Fire” takes you to ancient Troy to a legendary war and her second recent novel “Priestess of Ishana” takes you to the Hittites’ Land in Anatolia. You meet her heroines and heroes like Homer mentioned thousands years ago, but her historical fantasies give you the chance to learn more about history. Thanks to Archaeological excavations and researches that they give us lots of information about the past and you see that Judith’s main Muse is archaeology and its myths. She entagles with ancient ruins before entering her wondrous realm of fantasy writing. She is a story teller like Homer ( a name given to a person/people or to a whole culture/a collection of stories through time?) who tells us beautiful stories with authentic tastes. You can find her books on Amazon.


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  1. Thank you for sharing my post and my books. I have such happy memories of our explorations together of Bronze Age sites in Turkey. Writing fantasy so firmly grounded in history makes for great fun–both for me the writer and for the reader. And I could not have done it without your guidance through so many fascinating archaeological sites.

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