Michelangelo’s rendering of the Erythraean Sibyl, Sistine Chapel Ceiling 1565–1575.

I have been writing on my blog since 2011, and recently I have decided to give it a new theme and changed its name to “Sybilogue”. I created this word combining two words as “Sybil” and “logue-logos”. It means Sybil’s talks or Sybilline sayings. In ancient times, Sybils were known as oracles giving prophecies at sacred sites. I believe that every woman in this world has a Sybilline spirit hidden in their nature waiting to be awaken some time. I have always found myself attracted to their history. Besides, strolling through the ancient ruins and reading about the ancient history, I have always felt inspired and enriched with what I have seen, seized and experienced. I hope I would be able to transmit a bit of those flavours to anyone who comes across with Sybilogue on the web.

Best wishes,


“To such a degree will I be changed that I will be visible to no one; but I will be recognized by my voice.  My voice the Fates will leave me.”  Propertius

“The last age, sung of by the Cumaean Sibyl, is coming; the great cycle of ages is beginning again from the beginning…”  Vergil, Eclogue


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  1. Dear Sevil

    I have just arrived in Oxford after a very long and tiring train journey and I am helping with my three grandchildren for a few days as my daughter is not well so I am very tired and very busy!! However, I had a quick glance at your email and found it really interesting. Just give me a few days to get home again and recover from “nanny” duties and I will read it again and reply properly!

    Love Margaret X

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  2. Thanks. Nice hearing from you. We were out with the Dutton’s earlier this week and we were reminiscing about how much fun we had in Turkey. How are you doing?

    Take care and stay healthy. Bob

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    1. Nice hearing from you too. Thank you so much. I am fine and nowadays, I enjoy my more free time to do research and continue to write. I am glad you and Duttons are fine. I remember our time together fondly. You also take care. With my best wishes and regards.

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