I am a freelance professional tour guide, lecturer, researcher and life-time learner. I hold a Master’s degree in archaeology and art history and a Doctorate degree in art history. I knew that the only way to understand the complicated historical and cultural background of Turkey was to dig deeper in history and at the same time to go beyond the books to experience and observe the local lifestyles of the country people. Therefore, I have traveled  back and forth,  from the books to the countrysides in order to follow the ancient footsteps of the earlier travellers, and every time the more I have learnt, seen and discovered,  the more I have felt  enriched.  I love to share my knowledge and take people into the mystique of the past and show the beauties of today as my journeys have become an engaging and fascinating mix of history and travel since 1991. Strolling through the ancient ruins and reading about the ancient history, I have always felt inspired and enriched with what I have seen, seized and experienced. I hope I would be able to transmit a bit of those flavours to anyone who comes across with my web page.

Sincerely yours,


“To such a degree will I be changed that I will be visible to no one; but I will be recognized by my voice.  My voice the Fates will leave me.”  Propertius

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  1. I have been looking for a place like your blog for a long time. This is great writing and information. Thank you dear Sevil, I am so glad to find your beautiful blog. I’ll be on travelling, but when I come back, I will be here again. Have a nice day, Love, nia

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