The mysterious name of Izmir, Smyrna

Smyrna is an old city located at one of the deepest bays of the Aegean Sea like a sheltered pearl in a hidden shell. In Turkish, her name is pronounced as Izmir recalling her mysterious ancient name. Since antiquity, her cove has protected many ships like a mother's bossom. May be that is why she... Continue Reading →

From Horse-Goddesses to Hippocrates…..

'When one enters the World of ancient wisdom from the unavoidable worries of everday life, encounters herself the lost friend that has been longed for a while, and the comforts of the apprehension of past lives. Those are the familiar sensations of thousands of years' ..... There has been several diseases, infections and plagues since... Continue Reading →

Prior to the Ordered World…

Apep (Apophis), tomb of Inherkhaul, XX Dynasty, EgyptBurial chamber tomb of Ramesses I Egyptian Civilization New Kingdom Dynasty XIX ............was known as Chaos in ancient times or a Beginning of a New Paradigm. In the creation myths, it was a name given to the divine embodiment of the primordial ocean or the initial gap by... Continue Reading →

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