The mysterious name of Izmir, Smyrna

Smyrna is an old city located at one of the deepest bays of the Aegean Sea like a sheltered pearl in a hidden shell. In Turkish, her name is pronounced as Izmir recalling her mysterious ancient name. Since antiquity, her cove has protected many ships like a mother's bossom. May be that is why she... Continue Reading →

From Horse-Goddesses to Hippocrates…..

'When one enters the World of ancient wisdom from the unavoidable worries of everday life, encounters herself the lost friend that has been longed for a while, and the comforts of the apprehension of past lives. Those are the familiar sensations of thousands of years' ..... There has been several diseases, infections and plagues since... Continue Reading →

Prior to the Ordered World…

Apep (Apophis), tomb of Inherkhaul, XX Dynasty, EgyptBurial chamber tomb of Ramesses I Egyptian Civilization New Kingdom Dynasty XIX ............was known as Chaos in ancient times or a Beginning of a New Paradigm. In the creation myths, it was a name given to the divine embodiment of the primordial ocean or the initial gap by... Continue Reading →


Michelangelo's rendering of the Erythraean Sibyl, Sistine Chapel Ceiling 1565–1575. I have been writing on my blog since 2011, and recently I have decided to give it a new theme and changed its name to "Sybilogue". I created this word combining two words as "Sybil" and "logue-logos". It means Sybil's talks or Sybilline sayings. In... Continue Reading →

Queen of the East: Antioch

Antioch on the Orontes opening her threshold either to Anatolia or Mesopotamia is considered as a city of a meeting place of many different civilizations. Being located at the easternmost end of  Mediterranean coast and on the main trade route between Asia and Egypt, she eventually became the place of a great library and a... Continue Reading →

A Gigantic Stone Age Site “Göbeklitepe”

Göbeklitepe, a unique prehistoric site (called belly hill because of a depression which looks like a belly button) is one of the most significant archaeological discovery of the 21st century. Klaus Schmidt, a German archaeologist who rediscovered it in south-eastern Turkey in 1994,  believed that it is the site of World's oldest temple. The megaliths,... Continue Reading →

Cité de Pera (Flower Arcade)

While walking through the old part of Beyoglu (Istiklal avenue), you'll come across an eclectic Ottoman building called Cité de Pera just opposite Galata Palace, today's Galatasaray Lycee. It might remind you some of the 19th century buildings in Paris and Vienna with their beautiful architectural ornaments on their facades.                    ... Continue Reading →

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