Cunda-Moshonisia (Alibey) island

Cunda is one of the 23 islands of Ayvalık town lies on the Aegean coast of Turkey opposite the Greek island Lesbos. Once you come to Ayvalık town, you drive by the sea shore and than pass a bridge to reach the island of Cunda. The old windmills being on the top of the hilly... Continue Reading →

Upcoming Tours

Custom Tour – Dates to be arranged at your convenience Istanbul and Beyond: Black Sea, Cappadocia & Aegean A  trip of rich culture and ancient heritage of Anatolian CivilizationsIstanbul’s historic peninsula, down-town & living neighbourhoodsTrabzon, the harbour city of the Pontus Kingdom, sumela monastery & villagesAnkara, emerged from the capital of the Celtic kingdom into a... Continue Reading →

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