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Istanbul from Ara Güler’s eyes

Ara Güler’s Istanbul Turkey’s greatest photographer … Ara Güler’s work asks age-old questions about progress and innocence, and ultimately leaves it up to the viewer to decide which is more important to society’.  His Istanbul is a unique record of … Continue reading

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A Journey from Konstantiniyye to Istanbul

In our  walk and cruise by Bosphorus trip, we have the opportunity to see and talk about how the view and landscape of Bosphorus has changed through time. The current exhibition at Pera museum displays the photographs of the Anatolian Shore of the Bosphorus … Continue reading

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Seagulls of Istanbul

“Say Istanbul and a seagull comes to mind Half silver and half foam, half fish and half bird” Bedri Rahmi Eyuboglu Turkish painter and poet (1913-75) When ever I see the seagulls,  they always remind me of Jonathan Livingston who … Continue reading

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From Delphi to Constantinople

Last week, I joined an archaeological trip to Greece, and I was so excited to see the base of the Serpent Column at the temple of Apollo at Delphi, which is now at the Hippodrome (Sultanahmet Meydanı) of Istanbul. A view of the temple … Continue reading

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An ancient harbour town nearby Constantinople, Istanbul

Bathonea, a substantial harbor town dating from the second century B.C was discovered in 2007 after a drought lowered the lake’s water table. It has been yielding a trove of relics from the fourth to the sixth centuries A.D., a … Continue reading

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Traveling with Sevil, part 2

We traveled to Turkey during Ramadan.  Sevil was our guide and we had a wonderful time.  One evening we walked up to the Hippodrome where there was a great celebration going on to break the fast.  We took a video … Continue reading

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Traveling with Sevil

My wife and I–along with a group of friends–traveled through Anatolia with Sevil as our guide.  She is great!  Sevil is very knowledgeable and helpful.  It was a great experience!  Lee Lamb

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