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Istanbul from Ara Güler’s eyes

Ara Güler’s Istanbul Turkey’s greatest photographer … Ara Güler’s work asks age-old questions about progress and innocence, and ultimately leaves it up to the viewer to decide which is more important to society’.  His Istanbul is a unique record of … Continue reading

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From Delphi to Constantinople

Last week, I joined an archaeological trip to Greece, and I was so excited to see the base of the Serpent Column at the temple of Apollo at Delphi, which is now at the Hippodrome (Sultanahmet Meydanı) of Istanbul. A view of the temple … Continue reading

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An ancient harbour town nearby Constantinople, Istanbul

Bathonea, a substantial harbor town dating from the second century B.C was discovered in 2007 after a drought lowered the lake’s water table. It has been yielding a trove of relics from the fourth to the sixth centuries A.D., a … Continue reading

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